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Charity option, how does it work? Registrations now closed

For the 'Last Chance Challenger' option you pay an online Registration Fee - paid per person for Individuals and each member of a Team & is non-refundable. 

  • 100km Full Challenge - £79
  • 100km 2 Day Option - £79
  •   72km '3 Quarter' Challenge - £69
  •   50km Half Challenge (1st / 2nd) - £59 
  • ~25km Quarter Challenge - £49 

You pay an initial registration and commit to a Minimum Fundraising target for a charity of YOUR choice. We've released extra Charity places  - sign up with an EXTENDED FUNDRAISING DEADLINE - 50% due 2 weeks prior to the Challenge with remaining due 4 weeks after.

  • 100km - £395 Min Fundraising per person
  •   72km - £345 Min Fundraising per person
  •   50km - £250 Min Fundraising per person
  • ~25km - £150 MiniFundraising per person

Fundraising is part of the Challenge! The Ultra Challenge Series raises £' millions for charities, and as the events are genuinely 'tough' you'll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to get sponsorship and 'smash' the targets - and really help your charity.

Team members can fundraise for same charity OR each for different ones

Please note: Your charity pay a fee of between £100-£125 (100km) £65-£80 (Half) & £35-£45 (1/4) per participant. They don't have to pre-buy places, nor pay registration fees. Charities only pay for each person that raises the set amount of money.


As were close to the event we've released 200 Self Funding places max - where you can pay for your challenge place in full, without  any fundraising commitment. Self funding costs are:

  • Full 100 km Challenge - £175
  • Half Challenges (1st or 2nd) - £130
  • 72km Challenge - £155
  • 1st Quarter Challenge - £75


For PAST PARTICIPANTS of our Ultra's CLICK HERE for 'ANOTHER ULTRA' form. Then sign up with a special discount or SELF FUND.

Teams & Individuals

TEAMS can be of all sizes & either fundraise for the same charity, or each member their own. A Team has initially to be set up by a 'TEAM CAPTAIN' and then all members of the Team join individually by confirming the Team's details when registering online.

>  Creating a NEW Team

  • Choose a Team Captain & a TEAM NAME
  • The Team Captain registers first
  • The Team Name is required
  • Team Captain pays their own Reg Fee 

>  Joining an EXISTING Team

  • Your Captain has already set up the Team
  • You're about to join the Team
  • You'll need the Team Captain's name
  • You'll need the correct Team Name 
  • You register yourself individually,
  • Pay your Reg Fee & commit to fundraise

INDIVIDUALS - our team will support you!

  • Complete the registration form
  • You can join or create a Team later
  • Or go it alone & meet others
  • Our 'Trekmasters' are there to support

Walk, Jog or Run - your start time

During online registration you will select how you will be taking on the Challenge - and a start time bracket which have been set to ensure your finish (based on your target time) is within the hours of public transport - so you aren't waiting for hours at the night. All Challenges start on Saturday 10 Sept (bar last 25km option, which starts Sunday)

For details of start times CLICK HERE for the Route page.


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Call 0207 609 6695 to get in touch or email info@thamespathchallenge.com

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