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Step 1 - Charity or Self Fund

Sign up to fundraise for Charity with an initial Reg Fee - 20% OFF wtih Partner Charities - OR Self Fund and pay the full cost of your place.

Charity Fundraising Option >>

Choose a charity, pay a Registration Fee (non refundable) & commit to a Minimum Fundraising Target

  • Full Challenge £80 Reg Fee & £395 Min Fundraising / person
  • Half Challenge £60 Reg Fee & £275 Min Fundraising / person
  • Quarter Challenge £50 Reg Fee & £150 Min Fundraising / person

  • Charity Partners are shown at the bottom of this page.
  • CLICK HERE for a list of ALL participating charities.
  • Your chosen charity will contact you once registered
Note: At least 50% of the Min Fundraising Target should ideally be with your charity (or against your Just Giving page) no later than 2 weeks prior to the Challenge (25th August 2017). At this time your charity will pay a Fee, associated with your place, to the Organiser - (fees are per person & depend on recruitment levels) - Full Challenge £120-£156, Half Challenge £80-£108 & Quarter Challenge £40-£60). All fundraising must go directly to the Charity. Failure to meet the 50% target may result in your cancellation from the Challenge by your charity. The remaining 50% fundraising & any extra should ideally be with your charity 4 weeks after the Challenge at the latest (7 October 2017).

Self Funding Option >>

Sign up and pay the full Challenge cost online, without any fundraising requirement.

  • Full Challenge - total cost £175 / person
  • Half Challenge - total cost £125 / person
  • Quarter Challenge - total cost £70 / person

Please Note: a portion of the Self Fund cost is non-refundable - Full Challenge £70, Half Challenge £50 & Quarter Challenge £40 (which is equivalent to the Reg Fee on the Charity fundraising option). Any refunds are subject to the Conditions of Entry.

Step 2 - Individual or a Team

Individuals have a great opportunity to meet others. Teams can be of any size - fundraise for the same or different charities - or mix with self funders.

Joining as an Individual >>

  • Complete the registration form
  • You can join or create a Team later
  • Or go it alone & meet others
  • Our 'Trekmasters' are there to support

Creating a New Team >>

  • Choose a Team Captain & a TEAM NAME
  • The Team Captain registers first
  • The Team Name is required
  • Choose a start time for The Team
  • Team Captain pays their own Reg Fee
  • Team Captain shares details with other Team members
  • Other Team members then sign up via 'Join an Existing Team' option on the reg form

Joining an Existing Team >>

  • Your Team Captain has already set up the Team
  • Chose 'Join an Existing Team' on the Reg form.
  • You'll need the Team Captain's name
  • You'll need the correct Team Name (exact)
  • You register yourself individually,
  • Pay your own Reg Fee
  • Start Time needs to be as Team Captain confirmed

Special Discounts Available

If you've previously taken part in one of our Ultra Challenges - you can sign up to the Thames Path Challenge with a discount. Anyone who's up for 2 or more Ultra Challenge events in 2017 can take up our best value 'MULTI BUY DEAL'


If you have already done an Ultra Challenge and want to do another, please use the Past Participant link above.
Use the multi-buy deal if you are signing up for 2 or more FUTURE events (the deal cannot be back dated for events you have completed)

This is  our BEST VALUE DEAL -  Save up to 30% as a Self Funder - or 65% as a charity fundraiser if you are taking on 2 or more UK Ultra Challenges in 2017.

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