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To sign up to the challenge, please register via our online booking form below.

All prices and fundraising targets quoted below are per person. If you are registering as a team each member of the team will need to pay their own registration fee and raise the minimum required amount.

Great discounts for Students (21 and under on the day of the challenge) to claim your 50% registration fee concession please click here. Terms & conditions apply.

Registration Fee & Fundraising Targets:

  • 100KM - £85 + £375 fundraising target
  • 50KM - £60 + £250 fundraising target
  • 25KM - £30 + £145 fundraising target

50% of the initial fundraising target is due to be submitted to your charity 6 weeks prior to the challenge failure to do so could result in the withdrawal of your place on the challenge. The remaining 50% of your fundraising is due to be paid to your charity no later than 4 weeks after the challenge. You charity then pays a portion of cost for your place on the challenge out of this fundraising target.

Completing the registration form:

1.       Select how you will be joining the challenge:

a) As an individual
b) As a team – please see below for team registration instructions:

I. Are you Creating a team as a Team Captain?

  • Register the team together all at once and pay the registration fees for all as a total
  • You will need your team mate’s personal info (address, choice of charity, emergency contact etc).
  • OR you can pay for yourself and register as captain, then forward your email address, password, and team name to your potential team mates who then register within your account, and pay their own fees. Please make sure you send them this link to join - Click Here for link.

II. Are you Joining a Pre-Existing Team ?
  • Your team captain has already set up the team and you’re about to join it.
  • You will need the team captain’s name, their email and password they used to register, along with the team name.
  • You then log into the team captain’s account by clicking here. Go to ‘Checkout’ on page 3 and click ‘Add Another Person’. Then proceed to entering your full details, and you will pay for your place on the challenge.                
Click on the below button to start your registration onto the challenge today!


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