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3 Riverside Events

100km, 50km, 25km, or 10km

8-9 September 2018

A stunning route with scenery that's steeped in history, and a superb backdrop for a festival of river-side challenges - with 3 unique events to join!

Join the 'Main Thames Path Challenge' - 100km from Putney Bridge to Henley or on either 50km Half Challenge, or a Quarter section. Most will Walk at their own pace, some will Jog, and quite a few will Run the whole course! 

Or perhaps the 'Thames Bridges Trek' - 25k from Putney Bridge through the heart of central London zig-zagging over 16 historic bridges, and a finish beyond Tower Bridge.

On Sunday it's 'The Henley 10K' for all the family to enjoy down by the river.

  • Join as Individual or Team

  • 100km Putney Bridge to Henley

  • 50km or 25km distance options

  • Rest stops - free food & drink

  • Walk at Your Pace - 24 hours+

  • Run or Jog - 'up'your distance!

  • 2 Day Full 'Daylight' option

  • For Charity - or just Self Fund

  • Thames Path mobile APP


  • & THE HENLEY 10K

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