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Ultra Challenge Series

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9 Extraordinary Events

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Endurance style events for all! Over 20,000 adventurers will take part in 9 Ultra Challenge events in 2019 - with a wide range of fitness levels, ages, and experience - but all with the aim to push themselves further. Walk it, Jog it, or Run it - and you'll receive the best support available on any UK event all the way to your finish.

Ultra Challenges are fun, engaging, and often life chaging - and you'll meet new friends on your journey.  Many will choose to link their Challenge with a charity of their choice and help others who often face tougher challenges in life.

Join us - set a new goal - and you'll be amazed at what's achievable when you dig deep!

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 100km, 50km, or 25km

Sliver Test


100km or 50km sounds so far! It is tough - but achievable - and so far over 50,000 people have done an Ultra Challenge. There's 9 fantastic Events for 2019 - choose the Challenge & distance that's right for you - prepare well - dig deep - and we'll support you all the way!

Full 100km Challenge - you just keep going - day & night if required - with Rest Stops en route.


2 Day Daylight 100km -  with a half way break / sleep - including camping option 


Half Challenge ~ 50km  - 1st or 2nd Half - suits many who are new to the world of Ultras - or want to join up with a 100km challenger friend for the 2nd Half


Quarter Challenge ~25km - perfect if you want a great Challenge with time to celebrate in the evening - or you're supporting a full distance Challenger on their initial leg.


NEW TRI Challenge - take on 25km first, then choose 50km on a different event, and finish your season with a full 100km challenge. Check out our great value 'Multi Event Deals'.


Whichever Challenge you choose, you can sign-up as an Individual and meet others along the way - or as a Team.


 Walk it, Jog it, or Run it

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most do this - you can be new to endurance style challenges - or a seasoned hiker. Take it on at your pace.

Full 100km: 21-34 hours walking

50km Half Challenge: 10-16 hours

25km Quarter Challenge: 4-8 hours

JOG IT -  very popular with those out for a real challenge - and in practice means you run a bit - walk a bit - mix it up - and see how it goes!


Full 100km: 16-20 hours 'jogging'

50km Half Challenge: 7-10 hours

25km Quarter Challenge: 3-4 hours

RUN IT - the hard core bunch who head out first out for a sharp time - who've run an Ultra before - or marathon runners stepping up the distance.

Full 100km: 9-15 hours running
50km Half Challenge: 4-7 hours
25km Quarter Challenge: 2-3 hours

Register for the pace you think sounds right to you. If you end up a bit slower or faster than you thought - no problem! It's Your Challenge - Your Way!


 For a Charity or Self Fund

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Link your Challenge with fundraising for a charity of your choice - or simply pay the full event place cost yourself and Self Fund. There's big savings to be made if you're planning on doing a few Ultra Challenges in 2019 with our Multi-Event Deal


For Charity - there're 300+ charities to choose from, and sign-up for one of our Series or Challenge Partner Charities and it's 10% OFF the registration fee! There're 2 options  - providing flexibility around your fundraising ambitions, and as these are 'tough' challenges - you'll be amazed at how much you'll be able to raise in sponsorship.


More about the Charities >>


We help you prepare

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Whether your goal is a sub-24 hour 100km as a walk, or as is very common, just to complete the Challenge distance - good preparation is the key. Sign up for an Ultra Challenge and you'll get:


Challenge APP - all the info at your finger tips on your mobile.


Training Plans - suggested time-lines to work to - and pre challenge milestones to aim for.


Training Walks & Runs - we organise optional days and weekends throughout the year, and it's a great way to meet our team, test your kit, and get in shape! 


Equipment Lists - the App and the website Participant area have all the details.


Preparation Videos - we have a series from our 'expert panel' - covering the important topics to focus on - including feet, nutrition, training, and kit.


You can always try a shorter distance first - 25/50km - and use it to build up to your 100km challenge later in the season.


We support you all the way

Support 699x200


It's never been easier to push yourself further - as we provide the best support levels on any UK endurance type challenge events 

REST STOPS - every 12-13 km, with:

Marquee/Gazebo cover - table & chairs - time to recuperate.
Free Food & Drink - hot meals at key stops & finish + snacks & hot/cold drinks 
Medical & Self Help areas - if you need it.
Toilets - and plenty of them - clean too!
Massage team - at key rest stops to relieve those aches
Shuttle Buses - to stations / back to start
Finish Line - a big cheer awaits + a medal & some fizz!


Find out more >>

We keep you safe

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Your safety on an Ultra Challenge is our top priority.

Fully Signed Route - you won't get lost and there's maps in our App as a back up


Timing & Tracking -  we scan your chip at rest stops so we know how you're getting and where you are


Route Support Teams - there're 'Trekmasters'out on the route - and there to help on the tricky sections and at night-time


Medical Teams  - at rest stops and with mobile response units if required


Vehicle Support - there to help if needed


Control Room - based in our London office - and track participants via the timing system - and you can phone them at any time if you need help.


We help you navigate the route

Signage 699x200


FULLY SIGNED ROUTE - pink arrows, distance markers, and hazard warnings - and with reflective tape & glow sticks during night stages - it's almost impossible to get lost!

Google Maps, a PDF map - all available via the Challenge App - and the website

GPX file - released before the Challenge

Route Card - given out at registration


You’ll always know where you are, and where you’re heading all the time – we also put on Event Marshalls on the route and have an ‘Event Control Room’ you can call over the entire weekend day or night – just in case! 

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Along a spectacular coastline; through beautiful English countryside; up and down rolling hills - or perhaps following an historic river. What's your Challenge going to be in 2019?


  Isle of Wight Challenge  

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4/5 May 2019

The coastal path provides a spectacular backdrop for an unforgettable challenge - with white cliffs, beaches, Needles, ups & downs and stunning views out to sea. 106km clock-wise for the full challenge with a start / finish at Chale in the south, goes right around the Island - with Cowes as the half way stop. Good transport & camping options, and it will be a Bank-Holiday weekend like few others!


Challenge Distances & Ascent


Full Challenge 106km


1st Half Challenge 52km


2nd Half Challenge 54km  


1st Quarter Challenge 25km



Full Challenge Profile


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  London 2 Brighton Challenge 

599x150 Header Image L2b


25/26 May 2019


The original Ultra Challenge - a classic Capital to Coast route that's 66% off road. Richmond start, then along the Thames Path and on to the North Downs through beautiful Surrey and Sussex countryside - with a half way stop at Turners Hill. The steep climb up and over the South Downs finally unveils the Brighton coastline - with the welcome finish line & celebration at the racecourse not far off!


Challenge Distances & Ascent


Full Challenge 100km 1490m
1st Half Challenge 56km  760m
2nd Half Challenge 44km  730m
1st Quarter Challenge 25km  210m


Full Challenge Profile


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  Jurassic Coast Challenge 

599x150 Header Image Jc


8/9 June


Dorset's Jurassic Coast is an amazing setting for perhaps the toughest event within the Ultra Challenge Series. A Poole Harbour start, on to Corfe Castle, and then the sharp ups & downs as the coastal path sweeps through Lulworth Cove and rises above the iconic Durdle Door en route to Weymouth - at the end of an epic 1st 'half'. A flatter 2nd half - with Chesil Beach, nature reserves, and sandstone cliffs at West Bay - before the finish in Bridport. 100km & nearly 2,700 metres of climb - a real challenge!


Challenge Distances & Ascent


Full Challenge 100km 2660m
1st Half Challenge 58km 1650m
2nd Half Challenge 42km


1st Quarter Challenge 24km   410m


Full Challenge Profile


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  Cotswold Way Challenge 

599x150 Header Image Cw


29/30 June


The magical Cotwold Way provides a stunning setting for a testing challenge - with fantastic views out to the west, and some tough hill climbs in between. A start next to the Royal Crescent in historic Bath - and it's 100km of trails to the Cheltenham finish line, with a half way stop in the charming town of Wotton-under-Edge. With over 2,500 metres of climb - the full challenge is full on!


Challenge Distances & Ascent


Full Challenge 100km 2590m
1st Half Challenge 49km 1095m
2nd Half Challenge 51km 1495m
1st Quarter Challenge 25km   670m


Full Challenge Profile


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  Peak District Challenge 

599x150 Header Image Pd

13/14 July 2019

This NEW event is set to welcome up to 3,000 adventurers into the  fabulous Peak District National Park. With a major Base Camp set-up in idyllic Bakewell, which will include camping facilities, parking & extensive hospitality services across the weekend - and a full 100km Challenge which takes a tough and varied figure of 8 route through Derbyshire's finest scenery and Peaks - with full support all the way.

This gem in the Heart of England, and with half and quarter challenge options also - is an Ultra Challenge not to be missed in 2019...


Challenge Distances & Ascent


Full Challenge 100km 2450m
1st Half Challenge 52km 1400m
2nd Half Challenge 48km 1050m
1st Quarter Challenge 25km tbc


Full Challenge Profile


Pd Elevation

  Chiltern Challenge 

599x150 Header Image Cc

27/28 July 2019

NEW FOR 2019! This fantastic 100km circular route will showcase the best of the Chilterns and surrounding areas. You'll walk, jog, or run along three of the South's most iconic trails the Ridgeway, Icknield Way and Chiltern Way starting and finishing in Henley-on-Thames. You will venture through nature reserves, under forests, along ancient footpaths and of course up some of the Chiltern's famed hills - it is a route with a huge amount if variery and varied landscapes which will amaze you. 


Challenge Distances & Ascent




Full Challenge 100km


1st Half Challenge 50km


2nd Half Challenge 50km  


1st Quarter Challenge 25km




  South Coast Challenge 

 599x150 Header Image Sc


31 August – 1 September


Take on some of England's finest scenery - with an Eastbourne start, up Beachy Head and over the magnificent Seven Sisters - with stunning views along the South Downs Way to the Brighton mid-point. Devils Dyke, ups & downs, and welcome rest stops lie ahead before the cathedral spire of historic Arundel guides you to the finish line beyond after an amazing journey.


Challenge Distances & Ascent


Full Challenge 100km 2170m
1st Half Challenge 55km 1310m
2nd Half Challenge 45km  860m
1st Quarter Challenge 23km  690m


Full Challenge Profile


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  Thames Path Challenge 

 599x150 Header Image Tpc

A stunning route that's steeped history and has no hills! The full challenge starts near Putney Bridge, and heads west upstream to Runnymede (of Magna Carta fame) at half way - with a welcome finish in Henley after an unforgettable 100km journey that follows England's greatest river.


Challenge Distances & Ascent


Full Challenge 100km 350m


Full Challenge Profile

- it's more or less flat in reality!


Tpc For Webstie 599



There's also the popular Thames Bridges Trek that heads east from the Putney Bridge start into to the City - zig-zagging over 16 historic bridges for 25km - and giving the best views of London's famous skyline and landmarks. Click on the Thames Bridges Trek logo to find out more...

Bridges Sliver


  North Downs 50 Challenge



599x150 Header Image Nd 

Last weekend 28 Sept 


End of 2019 season 50km challenge - with celebration evening at the finish!

UK's Best Challenge Events

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