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Event Merchandise

Limited stock of T-shirts and hoodies will now be available to purchase in cash on the day!

Official 2016 TPC Technical T'Shirt

 Tpc Front Back 2016 Tech T Compressed

The new T-shirt design is made from top quality cutting-edge fabric. This material is soft, lightweight and breathable to keep you cool and dry during your challenge. Buy yours today for just £22.50 which includes postage & packaging.

Official 2016 TPC Hoodie

Tpc 2016 Hoody Front Back

 The event hoodie will help you keep warm during the chillier parts of the challenge and give you the 'official look'.

Also fantastic for training in and keeping as a souvenir post event! £28 per hoodie, P&P included. 


If you are taking part in any of our other Ultra challenges - check out the merchandise!

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